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These images represent a cross section of our work, both from our studio in Hertfordshire and on location. Typical commissions include wines, beers & spirits, leather goods, electrical items, fashion & general product photography. In addition we can create clipping paths & layer masks, replace & change colours of items and carry out other image manipulation and retouching.

Penhaligans Mr Sam
Milano Cross-Body Rose
Beaded Bracelet
Harper Reading Glasses
Ruby Cross-Body Flat Lay in Matcha
Scarf Colourways
Conrad Reading Glasses in Navy
Strawberry Ice Cream
Ladies Woven Bag
Colourful Enamelled Bowls
Carina Shrug in Teal
Costume Jewellery Ring
Scarf Multi Flat Shot
OPI Nail Varnish
Kellie Workbag in Slate
The Honeydew Chocolate Boots
The Coast Grab in Grape
Panerai Watch Hero Image
Cross-Body & Purse Flat Lay
Ghost Mannequin of Cardigan
Beaded Necklace
Natural Fibre Bag
Ice cream shoot for Halloween
Wanderer Peacock Bag Set
The Russell Bumbag
Pirie Fizz Style Shot
Domestic Lighting Shoot
Shoe Photography
Zanzibar Gold Sunglasses
Studio photography of ladies shoes
Energizer Charger
Viognier Wine photographed on Marble
Sunglasses Shoot
Photograph of Grasshopper Clock
Clayton Satchel & Weekender
Sock Set with Reflection
Location shoot of Definition Wines
Ella Organics
Interior Photography
The Moulin Sunglasses Black
Styled Wine Photography
Light Bulbs
High Angle Photograph of Rug
Hero Photography of Wine Bottle
Interior Photography
Photography of Sample Bag
Location Photography at Forty Hall
Electrical Goods Photography
Jewellery Shoot
Catalogue Shoot for Household Items
Style Shot of Wine
Kitchen Goods Photography
Photography of Cotton Reels
Pack Shot of Wine Label
Styled Product Photography
Front Cover Product Photography
Styled Product Shot
Photography of Hair Products
Photography of Food
Photographic Survey of Building
Drinks Photography
Mantle Clock
Detail Shot from Location Shoot
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